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Brief History And Advantages Of Roti Sihat
Roti Sihat is the family diet bread originated as Lebanese bread has been in existence for more than a thousand years and is the staple food of the Middle Eastern and the Mediterranean countries. It is natural, non-oily and simply great for health.

Roti Sihat Ready To Serve
Roti Sihat bread is ready to be served anytime and anywhere without the hassle of cooking. By easily stuffing your favorite fillings, the bread will enhance the natural flavors within, making it into a delicious serving for your family and friends. Simply fast, quick and easy.

How To Prepare Roti Sihat
Heat the Roti Sihat bread in the oven if it’s frozen within 15-20 seconds. Once this is done, stuff your favorite fillings such as kebab, beef kima, sardine or tuna sandwiches with cucumber, tomatoes, onion slices and others, inclusive of beef and chicken rendang or floss on the bread. Roll neatly the stuffed bread and serve.

Characteristics And Versatility Of Roti Sihat
As the Roti Sihat bread does not have any oil content, you can keep your calories and cholesterol level in check.

It can also be dipped in tea, spread with Milo, jam, margarine or even consumed with fruits such as bananas, watermelons etc. Its adaptable to local cuisine as it can be deliciously consumed by dipping with sambal, curry, dalca, soup etc. For making pizza, spread tomato paste on the bread and topping with mushroom, salami, pineapple, oregano and mozzarella cheese. Put the bread in the oven with top burner for 10 seconds and ready to serve.

Roti Sihat Storage
Pack the Roti Sihat bread in a plastic bag and place it in the freezer. To serve, thaw the frozen bread and heat it in the oven or steam within 15-20 seconds.

The Roti Sihat bread can last 5 months in a freezer and 7-10 days in normal conditions.

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